Mobile Apps


The mobile phone evolution has modified the way users make use of their phone, but also how they go online to interact with people and online businesses. Nowadays, mobile apps have become an important digital tool to manage businesses both large and small.

Smallez develops high performing mobile apps for iOS and Android, and in certain cases we also adapt applications to the Chinese market. However, we not only develop a mobile app; we produce a unique user experience.


An advantage of mobile apps is that they are easier to use than a website. You must develop a mobile application for your business if you want to cultivate loyalty from customers and increase their acquisition and retention. Another significant reason to develop a mobile application is to increase and enhance your internal processes in developing automation and centralizing the key information related to your business/company.

Usually, mobile apps offer:

  • The same services as you have on your website.

  • Complementary services to add a plus-value to your current offer.

  • New services related to a completely brand-new product or service (IoT).

The greatest advantages of developing a mobile app are that, first, it is a means to offer competitive services and products to your customers and, in addition, it has the potential to reach a high number of customers. According to different studies, in 2018, adults in the United States will spend on average 3 hours and 35 minutes per day on their mobile devices, and in China, they spend on average 2 hours and 39 minutes per day. This means that there is a tremendous potential for Native apps around the world. Finally, it is also a way to help your customers accomplish tasks quickly and easily from the palm of their hand while they are doing simple things during their daily routine, such as walking, waiting for their transportation, or even while waiting in line.

Mobile applications are limitless; you can accomplish many tasks or goals with them:

  • Buy products and services.

  • Sell online.

  • Generate new promotions.

  • Create gamification to secure being remembered by your customers.

  • Create loyalty cards.

  • Manage the delivery tracking of your products.

  • Communicate with people.

  • Manage the performance of certain tools.

  • Manage your business.

  • Manage the performance of your team.

  • And much more.


Smallez will get to know your needs and transform them into a well-designed application. Thanks to our mobile app developers, we understand what technology will most suit your purposes. We use different approaches for the development of your apps

1.Native Apps

We build your app based on technology and software that is most suited for your needs. Additionally, Native apps maximize the particulars of the architecture and environment of each operating system. This creates solid, secure and fast apps.

2.Cross-platform Apps

Cross-platform and Hybrid apps are designed with the objective to reach a wide and diverse audience. By writing a single code for all operating systems you can develop your app solution in the quickest and least expensive manner.

Depending on these two approaches, we will use different technologies to accomplish your mission. Smallez can develop your mobile app for both the international and/or Chinese market. We are skilled in native development using technologies such as Java for Android and Objective—C for i0S. We can also build and develop hybrid solutions which implement faster with Ionic and React Native frameworks.

Once the development of your app is completed, we will conduct many tests to ensure that the final product matches with the approved design and works perfectly. We use a very specific method called regression testing. It helps us to detect any anomalies generated from the development of new functions. It also allows us to do a complete check of previous and new codes.

Our team of developers will create a fully functioning and high performing digital product for your clients. Our ultimate goal is to create the best user experience, to increase your customer satisfaction and help you to generate more retention.