Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging form of business process automation technology based on the notion of metaphorical software bots or artificial intelligence (AI) workers. We know that every industry faces unique challenges on the road to digital transformation – and we've developed customized solutions to help you get there.

We listen to your marketing goals in order to develop and SEO-optimize the perfect ecommerce platform for your business and your audience. By using the core business model, we create a quality user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designs that combine your business goals with the needs of your clients to optimize conversion rate.

Smallez will analyze the demands of your business and offer customized and smart solutions to boost your productivity or business. We use the latest tools for Business Intelligence and tailored Customer Relationship Management (CRM) development in order to give you exactly what you need.

High performance websites that suit your business and provide great results. We believe that a great design needs to simultaneously look great and be functional. A scalable, flexible, yet solid website development that follows the principles of good SEO optimization.

High-end mobile apps that have the user in mind. We develop your app solution for iOS and Android with the latest cutting-edge technology and with data-analytics to guarantee continuous performance improvement of your product. Multi-device app testing with the greatest attention to detail provides your users with an exceptional digital experience. Our skilled app experts can perform testing for the international and Chinese markets.

E-learning is defined as the use of computer and Internet technologies to deliver solutions to enable learning and improve the performance of people. These past few years, the eLearning market has not stopped growing. According to Forbes, the potential growth expected by 2025 is $325 Billion and it could triple within ten years.

Get access to millions of potential clients with WeChat, the most popular app in China. Nowadays, WeChat is much more than a messaging app. It has become a daily assistant for doing almost everything. Through the flexibility of the WeChat environment we can provide WeChat Mini Programs, a WeChat store and web app solutions.

Smallez has over 10 years of experience with SEO campaigns. Our team is constantly following new algorithm updates implemented by search engines. To present users with the most relevant content, Google and other main search engines periodically modify their crawling rules. We continue to adapt our SEO campaigns to follow these developments and ensure that you are always on top and that your SEO campaign is never outdated.