Surgical3D New Domain & File Size Limit Increase

Surgical3D has been under rapid agile development. It now has a new domain & can handle larger 3D model.

Surgical3D (S3D) is now moved to Addify is a brand of Flussig Medtech Limited for its 3D-printing business. It has been supporting SmallEZ since the very beginning of the company. We are here to thank again for their trust and devotion to us.

In our prototype, S3D is able to handle 85MB model while being able to annotate.

Screenshot from 2019-10-20 10-10-32.png

For optimal user experience, we will limit the file size in client-facing version to 50MB which is enough for most of the surgical anatomical models. Saving model with annotation to private library by user account and export function are under final testing and debugging phase. They will be released later this month. Stay tuned!