Surgical3D New Domain & File Size Limit Increase

Surgical3D has been under rapid agile development. It now has a new domain & can handle larger 3D model.

Outsourcing Basics for IT

It’s clear that not all enterprises need to outsource their projects. However, there are three precise reasons that will surely mean it’s time to find an outsourcing offshoring or nearshoring partners.

Collaboration with Medical Industry on 3D Modeling Platform - Surgical3D

Surgical3D is a Web 3D modeling platform for medical professionals.

Brick & Mortar Isn’t Dead

The death of brick and mortar retail has been predicted for what feels like decades. With the rise of Amazon and e-commerce, as well as the collapse of major retailers like Sears, the fall of brick and mortar has seemed like it was just around the corner. As it turns out, brick and mortar is far from dead. It’s ushering in a new frontier in tech.

AR Bubble-Shoot Game

This is a bubble-shoot game that is built using Spark AR Studio from Facebook. The gameplay is simple, turn your head to move the bottle and open your mouth to shoot bubbles.

How Not to Fail at Digital Transformation: 3 Pitfalls to Avoid at All Costs

While digital transformation initiatives are commonplace now in organizations, many aren't successful. Here's how to avoid failure.

5 Things Business Leaders Can Do Right Now to Speed Digital Transformation

A research firm found that reskilling workers was one of the most important things a company could do to keep up in the current market.

Five Ways Your Company Can Get Business Value Out of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology is coming into its own and bringing with it some valuable uses for businesses. Here are five ways your organization can take advantage of.


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